Architect’21 Bangkok – are exhibitions going back to normal?


Will we go back no normal any time soon? 

This is a though question, especially if it is asked early 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic is still ravaging many Countries and the race to the vaccination of 6.5 billions people is still far to be completed.
When we are writing this post we now count 2.7 million Covid-related death and many Countries under severe lockdown with struggling economies and social problems, in particular EU Countries and US.

Different story for ASEAN Countries where the pandemic has, all-in-all, been kept under control, see Thailand for example one of the major economy in SEA that, starting from last March 2020, closed its borders and placed the visitors willing to come to the Country under a strict quarantine measure. Hotels have been set up in order to welcome those willing to enter the Kingdom with 14 days isolation and several tests and swabs in order to prove the candidate is Covid-free once the quarantine is over and he is free to move in the Country.

This measure has probably one of the most affective since so far Thailand counts not over 20.000 positive cases, basically zero local infections and every time the authorities have seen a new cluster popping-up, they acted promptly to confine the outbreak with no major spread.

This “Heaven” is making Thailand as one of the few Countries in the world worth to be considered a “case study” for its ability to contain the virus. Inside the Country the mask and temperature check are still mandatory in local places such as shopping malls, public offices etc.. but life is long back to normal, indeed businesses are running and exhibitions are held on schedule.

Since late 2020 the two major exhibition centers in Bangkok (Impact and BITEC) have opened doors for traders, exhibitors and visitors of any sectors. No exceptions for architectural and construction fairs. Architect’21 is part of the yearly events architectural-related organized by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) in collaboration with N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co.,Ltd. (NEO), which are normally quite successful, the last Architect’19 held has seen almost 800 exhibitors and more than 450.000 visitors. Architect is a benchmark for the Companies in the sector, always innovative concepts and the capacity to collect interest are representing a very attractive reason to participate either as exhibitor or just as visitor. 

This year the exhibition will be taking place from 22 to 27 June ( and there will also be the virtual option for those who have trouble to pack their stuff, fly to Bangkok and set up their booth (remember in Thailand 14 days quarantine is still mandatory!).

What shall we expect? Definitely a high percentage of local Companies compared to the foreign ones (for obvious reasons..), probably less visitors than usual, and that is understandable since foreign visitors more likely will attend the online version, we won’t see them walking around.

We really hope that the “new normal” will start right from a simple concept, the one of the exhibitions, which is a moment of gathering, a moment to see how the market is moving, to see the new trends and why not perhaps also a moment to boost the spirit of the people, some times very much annihilated by this never-ending pandemic..

Bangkok, 20 March 2021 

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