Exhibitions in ASEAN

Exhibitions in ASEAN

Exhibitions in ASEAN are another important part of our service. We can help you to manage the organization of your exhibitions.

With a closer presence to the market we can make the process of evaluating and choosing the best exhibition for you.

In many cases the exhibition nowadays is still the best way to see what is happening in the market. It is one of the best way to check to check the market trend and meet your Client/Partner face-to-face.

We wrote a quick article some time ago related to the Architect’21 Exhibition. The article was about the traditional way of attending exhibitions.

We are currently attending exhibitions on a regular base mostly in Thailand in the two main exhibitions centers located in Bangkok area such as Impact Exhibition Center and BITEC.

During the past few years we have been participating several fairs and exhibitions in several business sectors such as:

  • Construction business
  • Food and Beverages
  • Industrial coatings
  • Bakery and Ice Cream
  • Sport

We have been doing that mostly as exhibitors alongside with the Companies we are dealing with.

The procedure to organize the exhibition in ASEAN

DB Business Development is an active partner for the organization of the exhibitions in ASEAN: our procedure is quite simple and effective:

  • We actively search the most suitable event according to your business sector.
  • Getting in touch with the local organizer to have detailed information: we compare with the same event of the previous years.
  • We will estimate the budget for the exhibition booth, marketing material such as posters and furniture. Together with our partner, we sill estimate also whatever else is necessary to complete the booth.
  • We can set up the booth before the booth and dismantle it, when the exhibition is over. This process is done alongside with the organizer staff.
  • We will be attending the full exhibition and we will do it alongside with the representative of our partner Company if available.
  • We will follow the “best practice” during the event. That means obviously collecting contacts, market info and the competitor info etc..
  • When the exhibition is over, we will follow up with the contacts that we have collected.

Why we should attend exhibitions in ASEAN

We stated earlier in this article that the exhibitions are representing nowadays one of the best way to have an overview of the current market situation and check on your competitors.

Firstly, you will have a deeper analysis of the market size. Secondly you will be able to make some estimations about your competitors.

When we attend exhibitions we do not only need to stay in our booths 24/7, but, at the same, “walking around” the aisle of the exhibition will give us some precious info about your competitors and players of your same business field.

Sometime the best deal of the exhibition is coming from the Customer that you have approached in his booth. That means that you have kept a pro-active approach instead of just waiting for the Customer to come into you.

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