Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

DB Business Development is cooperating with Website Gang, a leading digital marketing agency based in Chiang Mai (Thailand) that is specialized in:

  • Websites
  • Online Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Hosting

We know how important digital marketing is and in any business or niche in ASEAN we either approach our potential Clients both face-to-face and via digital/social.

We believe that the best way to intertwine business relationship with a potential prospect in ASEAN markets is to combine an online/offline approach where regular “in presence” meetings are combined with social media and digital marketing presence.

Google estimates approximately 3.8 Millions new users every month in SEA markets and its growing population facilitate the penetration of digital business among the youth (source: Asialink Business).

As a matter of fact some of the most popular platforms are Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok and Google itself.

The Covid pandemic has just increased the daily hours spent online by up to 20%, see the chart below (source: HKTDC).

DB Business Development is also cooperating with SiteBuilderItalia, a company specialized in building website for every need.

Average hours spent online

In a such attention to online, DB Business Development has focused in a few digital techniques that have created results on a regular basis.

Connect with your prospects by social, in many cases, is:

  • easier (highly connected people are more likely to be in in touch with you by online tools rather than in person)
  • faster (connect everywhere, anytime)

For the sake of clarification we would like to point the fact that for some products (physical products, technical products, etc..) the “in-person” meeting is a necessary tools to close a deal whenever the product needs to be explained and tested by the Customer or tasted (F&B products). 

What digital marketing techniques shall we use in ASEAN

We have realized that we need to focus in a few but simple techniques that shall become part of the daily basis work and need to be well intertwined with the offline workday and here below some:

  • Mailing list and newsletter: this is sill considered the king of the digital marketing (source: Smart Insight)
  • Social media: such as Facebook, LinkedIn which are probably (according to our own experience) the most popular social in ASEAN
  • Messaging: such as LINE APP, for our own experience this is the most popular in Thailand so far
  • Website: the website is a “must-do” to showcase your product and services and it is the main marketing tool

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