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Our Services

Sales Representative

Sales Representative Service

We are working as extension of your sales network and are committed to facilitate and promote your access to the ASEAN markets.
So, together with can arrange a strategy for Asian markets, for example we:
– collect info from the market
– list out potential Clients/partners
– evaluate your product/service according to local needs
– contact potential Clients/partners and arrange meetings
– finalize the sale/deal

Trading Company

Trading Company

We also act as Trading Company in specific markets and business conditions.
– according to your product/service we can directly be your buyer.
– we can be your “window in the market” so that you can forget dealing with Customers, we manage all.



Consulting is also our day-by-day activity. We provide advices in order for you to understand the market and formulate the strategy. 
We can collect valuable and sensitive information from the market to improve your business. 
The information is, sometime, the key to close the deal or not to.



We can help you to manage the organization of your exhibitions.
With a closer presence to the market we can make the process of evaluating and choosing the best exhibition for you.
In many cases the exhibition nowadays is still the best way to see what is happening in the market, to check the players, to check the market trend and meet your Client/Partner face-to-face.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We are connected with our partners and we can assist you with your digital marketing strategy with local website, SEO, social media etc..

Then, we can evaluate together with you the best “path” to follow in order to check and understand what best fits your needs.


Offshore Company Formation and local Asian branch

We can help you to set-up your local branch and/or off-shore company and we manage to make it simple.


Logistic Service

We can help you to arrange your shipment to ASEAN, we help you to arrange storage services for your products 


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