Trading Company service

Trading Company service is a secondary business/service that we are implementing in some particular situation. DB Business Development is acting as Trading Company when some particular conditions are satisfied and that means that we purchase directly your product and resell to the market if:

  • we already have the Customer “in hand”, in other words, we have already sold the product to the Client.
  • we believe that the market has a good potential for your product.

Some details below.

Trading Company

How DB Business Development acts with the Customer "in hand"

Trading Company service is enforced when we have already finalized with the final Client. We have already mentioned above that this is a secondary business for DB Business Development and it is less likely that this will ever become our main business.

However some specific businesses such as E-commerce are more likely to be interesting. In this situation we are purchasing directly from you and resell to the final Client. We have an example with, an E-commerce business where we directly purchase from suppliers and resell to the final market. 

Trading your product when the market has potential

We will invest by ourselves whenever we think we can propose and sell your product into the market with our own resources. We will do that by purchasing your products, stocking them and reselling them to the final Clients. 

This possibility, however, requires a lot of efforts and marketing researches that many times do not make it worth for DB Business Development.

We provide the logistic when we act as a trading Company

Trading Company service also requires a strong and reliable logistic service. We are well connected with logistic specialists such as shipping Companies, delivery services and warehouse management services etc.. (you can access our page related to the Logistic service for ASEAN markets to find more information regarding this matter). We will take care of logistic whenever we purchase from you. We take care of the entire process, from pick-up to transit, from custom clearing to delivery to the Customer.

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