Logistic service for ASEAN markets

The logistic service for ASEAN markets is another part of our daily routine and job. DB Business Development is active nowadays in 7 Countries. That means that we need to “move” our stuff to ASEAN on a regular base, and sometimes daily base.

Logistic service is not only shipping containers from one part of the world to another one as many wrongly think. Logistic service is way more complex and is about all the interconnections happening during the normal conduct of the business.


How to define the logistic service

So, how do we define the logistic service? In short, let’s start to say that according to the quick statement in the paragraph above we have to consider the logistic service as a wider sum of actions that we have to implement to make the business running, such as:

  • Supply the manufacturing line of the Company
  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory management
  • Deliveries
  • Shipping
  • Shipping paperwork management
  • Custom clearing

We have described above the most important features of the logistic service. You will get involved in one or more of them.

DB Business Development gets involved in logistic service, see how:

Logistic service for ASEAN markets is another service (in outsourcing) that we provide for our partners.
We can divide the type of services that we give. According to the type of request that we have from our partners and we can sum-up as follow:

Logistic service related to mere export to ASEAN:

This situation is happening when we have to ship containers/pallets from overseas to ASEAN; in this case the overseas manufacturer ships the goods to the port of destination and the Client will provide to fulfill the requirement for custom clearing, pick up the goods and bring back to its warehouse.

In this case the service involved in this process is way more simple and what we normally do if following up with documents and, in the specific, making sure that the Client has all the required paperwork to collect its goods from the port, such as for examples:

  • data sheets of the products
  • safety data sheets
  • packing list, copy of B/L (whenever the Client pays via Bill Of Lading)
  • additional documents that the Custom or the authorities might request.

Integrated logistic service for ASEAN branch:

This is way more complex than the one we have briefly described above and it is related to the entire actions involved when we establish a local ASEAN branch. Note: that this is strictly connected to our service related to Offshore Company formation, ASEAN branch. It is available at the moment for Thailand market only.

In this situation we have that the overseas company is willing to establish a branch in ASEAN and in the specific in Thailand market, either for distributing its own product by itself or manufacturing. Suppose that the Company is willing to set-up a local branch to start distribution, let’s suppose in the B2B business. You might need an office and a logistic service, that means:

  • warehouse
  • delivery service
  • custom clearing service
  • shipping service from your own factory overseas (or wherever it is located) to your own branch.

Those are complex actions that need to be planned in advance in order to face unexpected issue. We closely work with logistic platform and companies such as DSV Thailand and other smaller and local delivery services in order to fulfill our logistic needs.

DB Business Development can help you with logistic service in ASEAN markets. We are currently involved in both the situations above described.

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