The Thai Baht has registered the worst performance among SEA currencies said the Thaiger (See article here) retwitting a Asia Nikkei news, falling 4% against the USD.

This is due to the uncertain period caused by the pandemic that might affect the short-term investment especially in the tourism industry and real estate.

Nevertheless the currency is performing, overall, quite well. Today we exchange 36.17 Thai Baht for 1 Euro and in the last few months we have seen a quite stable and strong Baht. Despite this might cause some difficulties for Thai exporters, on the other hand this might influence and encourge the imports of goods from foreign Country.

This represents (and will be representing in the next future) a nice opportunity for foreign Companies to start approaching the market.

We do not have to forget that Thailand does not have particular Covid restrictions and even if the tourism industry is struggling because of lack of foreign tourists, the local economy is still running.

Bangkok, 4 April 2021

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