Offshore Company Formation, ASEAN branch

The Offshore Company formation and local Asian branch are two additional services alongside with our main service of Sales Representative Service.

The Sales Representative Service is mainly focused and tailored for those Companies willing to export their products from their own manufacturing plants overseas to ASEAN, but what happen with those Companies interested to have their own organization in the ASEAN Countries? We have some solutions for them and we split this service in 2 main categories according to the specific Company’s need:

  • Offshore Company formation
  • Local Asian branch

Offshore Company Formation and local ASEAN branch

This service is particularly suitable for those Companies who are mainly in the trading business or selling services or products but in general do not need a physical warehouse to operate.

The online business is a good example to explain why you should want an offshore Company; suppose that you have an e-commerce business and you are looking to have fiscal advantages, a quicker and smarter accountability and a smooth bureaucracy, we have the possibility (in outsourcing) to establish your offshore Company in Hong Kong with a reliable and well established HK-based service Company. You will get several advantages, such as:

  • Easy requirement and smooth bureaucracy
  • The process will be done online without your physical presence
  • Fast service, 24-48 hours to establish the Company
  • Easy accountability
  • Affordable service

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Local ASEAN branch

This service is, instead, particular suitable if you want to establish a stable organization in ASEAN, so if you are a manufacturer or a distributor and if you want to have your office or warehouse or manufacturing plant, we can help you for the set-up phase and follow-up with the process to ensure you have:

  • Office
  • Accountability service

Note: at the moment, this service is for Thailand market only

This is the very basic in order to have a stable organization and it is already enough to start the operations. Additional requirement will be necessary whenever you start importing or producing your products in Thailand such as for example:

  • Warehouse
  • Logistic service; see our Logistic Service and how we can support in this matter
  • Sales force

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